• Question: Which countries will PiAnywhere work?

Answer: Yes Pianywhere will work in any country with a 4g, LTE, 3g or GSM networks, we work out which one you will need based on your shipping address so please ensure this is correct.

  • Question: Is there a user manual for PiAnywhere?

Answer: You can find our quick start guide posted at this link https://www.instructables.com/id/PiAnyWhere-4G-LTE-Hat-for-the-Raspberry-Pi/ But since the PiAnywhere is still in development the full documentation is still being created.

  • Question: Will you be able to supply larger quantities and what would be the prices?

Answer: Yes we will but please contact us via our contact form first before making orders larger than 100.

  • Question: Is it possible to do custom designs of PiAnywhere ?

Answer: Yes this is possible but will depend on what type of work you would like done. There will be a design fee for any redesigns. Please contact us with your requirement and we will get back to you ASAP with costings.

  • Question: How do you use the SMS function on PiAnywhere?

Answer: Currently you can send SMS using Modem Manager which is installed when you follow our quick start guide on instructables but we will be creating a python script to enable you to integrate this into your own projects .

  • Question: Do you have the dimensions for this product?

Answer: The board size is 65mm by 56.5mm then the antenna that we supply comes out 23mm off the board. So all together is 87mm by 78mm.

  • Question: Is this just the board or are there any software drivers available, either from you guys or open source?

Answer: We have written firmware that will come with the board and also all drivers will be included. We will also be making sections of the code open source in the future as we finalise testing.

  • Question: Do you guys make boards that support CDMA instead of GSM?

Answer: Pianywhere 4G will support CDMA but GSM version which is coming soon won’t.

  • Question: Can you explain in what way your 4g board is better than using a USB modem?

Answer: It can power your Raspberry Pi, It gives you battery capabilities, Solar charging, GPS, easily integratable into any raspberry Pi projects and gives you the ability to change antenna to get a better connection.

  • Question: Can the board be stacked?

Answer: Yes it can be.

  • Question: What Simcard size does PiAnywhere use?

Answer: It uses a nanosim.

  • Question: Can I put my own Simcard in PiAnywhere

Answer: PiAnywhere accepts any nanosim from your country.